Green Tea Iced Mojito

New! A fresh, hand-made selection of delicious sandwiches and warm food to enjoy inside, on the patio or to go. 

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Pulled BBQ Chicken - house made pulled chicken

Tuna Nicoise - the classic salad in a delicious sandwich

Turkey & Provolone - smoked lean turkey & cheese

Veggie Delight - hummus, grilled veggies, sundried tomatoes

Italian Classico - prosciutto, mozzarella, pesto, greens

Savoury Beef - marinated beef, red onions and greens

Salmon Bagel -  with smoked salmon &cream cheese

Summer Drinks Power Smoothies Available Now.

Lemon Ginger Iced Lemonade

Cheddar, Bacon & Potato Frittata

​Savoury Mac N' Cheese


​Soups & Stews coming this fall!

The patio is open - wine and beer coming soon!

The Dundas General