Coming this September:

  • Hearty Chili & Savoury Pot Pies

Summer Food Menu


Pulled BBQ Chicken - house made pulled chicken

General’s Roast beef - horseradish, veg, marble cheese

Turkey & Provolone - smoked lean turkey & cheese

Veggie Delight - hummus, grilled veggies, sundried tomatoes

Italian Classico - prosciutto, mozzarella, pesto, greens

Salmon Bagel -  with smoked salmon & cream cheese, sprouts

All $8.00 or $9.00 with a side of Kettle chips

Egg, Ham, Cheese Daybreak Sandwich - $5.75


Pasta Primavera - $6.50

Spicy Curry Broccoli Salad - $7.00

Classic Greek Salad - $7.00

Dundas Western Salad - $8.00

(corn, beans, cilantro, avocado, bell peppers, tomatoes, green onions)

Café Beverages


Medium and Dark Roasts. All our coffee blends and single origins are genuine, current and handcrafted by Hale Coffee for The Dundas General.


Espresso $3.00

Americano $3.25


Cortado $3.50

Cappuccino $3.75

Flat White $4.00

Latte $4.25


Mocha Latte $4.50

Flavour shot to any drink: Add $0.25


Black, Green, White, Herbal $2.75

Matcha Tea $3.75

Chai Tea $3.75

Matcha Latte $4.50

Chai Latte $4.50

Summer Drink Delights

The Cosman Cooler - $4.75

A blended delight of milk or almond milk, an espresso shot, two chocolate shots with a dabble of caramel and a drizzle of Cosman & Webb’s Real Maple Syrup.

Special Iced Teas - $4.00

Green Tea Mojito  or  Lemon Ginger Lemonade with Rooibos Herbal Tea (no caffeine )

Power Up Smoothies - $7.25

PB & Oat Meal - oats, banana, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, raisins, almond milk.
Pear Tea Matcha - Matcha tea, pears, almond milk, spinach, banana, vanilla protein.
Chucks Power Booster - strawberry, banana, blueberries, vanilla protein.
Peanut Butter Delight - pb, banana, chocolate protein, almond milk.

* Want it all? Add a chocolate or vanilla protein shot for $0.50!

Bottled and Canned Beverages

Just Craft Soda, Natural Flavours                                $2.95

San Pellegrino – 330ml can                                        $1.55

La Croix – Sugarless Sparkling                                    $1.35

Grace Soda Ginger Beer                                             $1.80

Naya Spring Water                                                    $1.75

Coke, Ginger Ale, etc. – 330ml can                             $1.50

Perrier Sparkling Water - 750ml bottle                        $2.95


Arizona Green Tea – 680ml can                                 $0.99

Nestea Iced Tea                                                      $1.15

Flow Water 500ml / 1L                                             $1.99/$2.99

Perrier 750ml                                                           $2.95


Banana Bread or Zucchini Bread - $3.00

Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin or Peanut Butter Cookies - $2.25

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake - $4

Croissant - $2.50

Pain au Chocolat - $3.25

Muffins: Gluten Free Delight, Blueberry, Chocolate with Chocolate Chip - $2.50


Gluten Free Bites: Peanut Butter & Jam, Dark Chocolate,

Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter - $8.99

Hippie Snacks Coconut Clusters: Zesty Chili, Super Seed - $5.39

Kettle Brand or Neal Brothers Potato Chips: Siracha, Curry, Honey Dijon, Pink Salted, New York Cheddar, Maple Bacon, Salt & Vinegar – small bag $1.85, large $2.75

Organic Cheese Puffs - $4.55

Classic Thin Pretzels - $3.35

Clif Bars - $2.39


  • The Dundas General Traditional (coming soon!)
  • Lake of Bays Switchback Pilsner
  • Lake of Bays Spark House Red Ale
  • Lake of Bays Broken Axe IPA
  • Lake of Bays Pumpkin Ale
  • Ontario VQA Wines
  • The Dundas Ceasar
  • The General's Fall Warmers
  • Monthly Toronto Craft Beer Features
  • More to come!

Featured Beverages



Menu: fresh food prepared daily

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